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"From mid to high-end new homes, extensive home alterations, to multi-unit developments, we can tailor our services to suit your next build project, whatever the brief and budget."


New Builds, Alterations & Additions, Holiday Homes, Energy Efficient Builds


Light Commercial, Warehouses, Fit-outs, Medical

Landscape Design

Hill Sites, Hard Landscaping, Pools, Outdoor Covered Areas


Kitchen, Bathrooms, Living, Media Rooms

Multi Unit Development

Medium and High Density Living, Development Design

Insurance & EQ Remediation

Earthquake Consultancy, Repairs and Re-Repairs

Typical process for a residential build

Pre Design

Initial Consultation

We will meet with you either in our office, at your home or on site to get to know you and find out what services you require from us. We establish the project brief with you, determine scope of services, have an honest budget conversation and discuss time frames & expectations with you. We will then prepare a letter of engagement explaining our services and broken-down fee estimate for the services required.

Determine Architectural Scope of Services

Our services vary, it is like a ‘construction recipe’, there are a lot of ingredients and a lot of people involved in a project, even for a simple project. We will run through the bare minimum services needed through to a ‘full service’ option. It comes down to how much you value time vs cost & quality.

Engagement / Contract

Fee engagements vary, and can be a combination of: time and reimbursable costs, fixed fee or percentage based (of the build). Each job is as individual as you are and no two jobs are the same. Our engagement is based on ADNZ agreement for architectural services either as a full contract or short form agreement, dependent on the scale of the project.

Pre-Design and Site Feasibility

With the information gathered from initial consultation meeting/s with you, we then investigate the project site. We gather all relevant information about the site including the council’s property file, topographical survey, geo-technical report, certificate of title, planning rules, development covenants, land contamination report etc.For a new build, we visit the site to assess the context and topography, the best view points, sun angles, site access, prevailing winds, site features such as trees and rocks etc., position of the neighboring buildings etc. With the site in mind we investigate the council’s regulations and any development covenant restrictions and ascertain what restrictions we have on the site. For a renovation, we visit the site and look at it in much the same way as a new build, we look at the feasibility of what is required and assess what/if any restrictions there may be for the proposed project.


Concept Design

Once all information is gathered, we are then able to discuss and sketch out preliminary design ideas ensuring all parameters are considered. We then work our ideas into our CAD software to produce an initial concept to present to you. Our concept set of drawings include an existing (where required) and proposed site plan showing the position of the building, surrounding proposed landscaping, street access and any other site features.
Existing (where applicable) and proposed floor plans, coloured elevations and 3D perspectives (where required) to best illustrate our ideas.We then meet with you to present our initial conceptual ideas. We discuss and deliberate the concept and the ideas with you to ensure the result is a collaboration between client and designer. Any revisions are made, followed by discussions on preparing a preliminary cost estimate.

Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

Once the general build form and position on the property is agreed upon, the plans are submitted to the council for a pre-building consent application check. The PIM can identify any unforeseen issues that may arise in any build project such as easements, flood zones, land erosion, encroached building setbacks, hazards, land contamination etc. Having this done at an early stage can decrease potential stretches in project timeframes and future costs, due to the likes of planning restrictions which may require a resource consent.

Pricing / Project Estimating

Preliminary discussions with contractors and quantity surveyors is non-negotiable during your project. The budget and project will be reviewed at each critical stage of the design process before proceeding. There are millions of factors in a build project. Project cost vs build costs are very different, and need to be considered from the outset.


Developed Design

The PIM planning report from the council is received and checked over for any items of interest that may affect the proposal, necessitating a resource consent. We further develop the design at this stage and include any further revisions required that might be client, consultant or budget driven. Further discussions and decisions are made around items such as roof and wall claddings, finishes, lighting, features, fixtures and fittings etc. At this point we will scope and arrange fee proposals from external consultants for their works and manage these consultants on your behalf. We will scope their brief; their engagements are direct with you.

Resource Consent

If the building does not meet all the rules of the district plan then a resource consent approval is required to proceed. This may occur in examples such as when the building site coverage is larger than the maximum allowance to achieve the best solution, or if the building projects through a recession plane which would affect neighbours' access to sunlight. We will prepare the plans and assessment of effects report and submit the project application into the council again for a resource consent approval, which will allow us to proceed with the proposal. Where we are unable to prepare this assessment, we work closely with our consultant planners to coordinate this work.

External Consultant Involvement / Engagement

Generally all projects require external consultants. We are trusted and work with many reputable consulting and design firms with a long history of proven quality work. External consultancy is varied across all jobs. A simple job could be two or three consultants, through to 10+. We manage the consultancy on your behalf.

Pricing / Tender

The developed plans are prepared with additional information for builders or a quantity surveyor to price. We typically act as lead consultant by tendering out or negotiating the project to selected builders (either selected by us or requested by you) and managing the process on your behalf to select the best tender fit for your project.


Construction Documentation

Once an estimate is agreed upon with a builder or quantity surveyor, we are instructed to begin the building consent plans. Generally by this stage planning permission is approved. Working drawings are the most critical and extensive phase of the process where the full design intent is detailed out into full construction detailing. The extent of detailing will ensure that the builders and on-site contractors can construct the building exactly as intended. The working drawings are coordinated alongside the consultant’s designs (e.g: structural engineer’s plans etc.).

Consent Application

The council application package is compiled which includes the completed working drawings, associated documentation from external consultants (such as structural engineers), supporting consent documentation and application forms. The project will be assessed for compliance with the Building Act, New Zealand Building Code and the local district council regulations. We take care of this process by acting on your behalf as your agent with the council and answer any questions the council may have along the approval process.

Final Pricing Check

The completed documented plans are reviewed by the builder, subcontractors and/or quantity surveyor to ensure the project is within estimated budget prior to issuing for consent. Upon client approval the consent is submitted to council. Changing plans after consent is approved incur significant consultant costs and delays, and occasionally amendments to a consent. At this stage the build contract can be prepared.


Full Service Management

Full administration of the contract works can be handled by us on your behalf, to take away the stress of making sure your project is managed within the contract price. Project administration & site observation is a ‘full service’ we can provide to you. To ensure that your project is constructed as designed and detailed and delivered to the best possible standards, whilst ensuring the project contract is adhered to. Determining this early in our scope of services will deliver the best result for your project. How do you value your time? Leave it to us.

Contract Administration

Construction Contracts, dealing with the bank and managing variations, whilst ensuring the project contract is adhered to and managed correctly is critical to a project and your vision. Engaging us to be your independent eyes and ears evaluating payment claims gives you peace of mind your project is going to plan. If a change may be required during the build, then documented instructions along with detailed drawings to the builder are prepared, any variations are approved by you before proceeding. This is a time and cost service that needs to be agreed early in the project.

Quality Assurance

We are engaged on your behalf for onsite progress checks & meetings to ensure the consented plans are adhered to and to provide advice or clarification as required. Site observation ensures the build process is smooth and can achieve the best result with good relationships formed between all parties involved. This service needs to be agreed to early in the project and is a time and cost service.

Contract Works Insurance

We will help you to coordinate and organise contract works for your build project with your insurer or broker. This is an important part of the build contract to ensure coverage is in place for damage, theft or fire throughout the build. Generally always underestimated, we can help ensure the right coverage is put in place.